Research Process

I utilize five sources for investment decisions:
1) My Watchlist
2) Morningstar Monthly Picks
3) RBC Insight
4) FAST Graphs
5) Annual + Quarterly Reports

1) My Watchlist

Tier 1:
– Companies with a minimum 15 years of increasing dividends
– Big 5 Canadian banks (RBC, TD, BNS, CIBC, BMO)
– Brookfield

Tier 2:
– Companies with a minimum 5 years of stable or increasing dividends

If you are risk averse, I recommend investing only in Tier 1 stocks this late in the cycle: Canadian dividend all-stars and S&P 500 aristocrats.

2) Morningstar Monthly Picks

I use Morningstar recommended stock picks for investment ideas.
It is used as a preliminary guide to further my own research.

3) RBC Insight

I use the Insight research tool through RBC Direct Investing.
My focus here is qualitative and quantitative research.
Analysts often present valuable company and sector information.

4) FAST Graphs

I consider FAST Graphs an indispensable tool for determining valuation.
Consider my Transcontinental Case Study for a step-by-step assessment using FAST Graphs to see how I evaluate companies by various metrics.

5) Annual + Quarterly Reports

The final consideration is reading management discussion and guidance.
From here, I have enough information to make an informed decision.

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