Sharesight: The king of portfolio management – A visual walkthrough.

Last March I entered the investing foray by leveraging my portfolio to basket of twenty stocks. I was searching for a way to keep track of everything, and found it in Sharesight. Let me take you on a tour.

Main Page:

The main page shows your overall portfolio performance in various forms. I’ve chosen a bar graph. On the top pull-down menu you can view each portfolio separately. You can also track your performance against benchmarks like the TSX, DOW.

Individual holdings:

Underneath the top graph are your holdings. This shows quantity, value, capital gains and dividends. The return is your overall performance including dividends. The yellow box on the side indicates a new dividend has been paid and is waiting confirmation.

Example 1: Enbridge

For each holding, you can see performance since inception along with date and amount of dividends. On the image below, the box in the lower-left corner indicates your cost base.

Example 2: Alaris Royalty

I have DRIP on for Alaris. After the dividend is logged under my online banking, I come to my portfolio to input the amount received and cost. The screen below shows how that’s done.

Inputting dividends and DRIP:

You can also select non-taxable and dividend reinvested options if needed. It helps with future reporting, which you’ll see below.

Future income report:

The future income report allows you to see incoming dividends as they are reported. It’s a great way to keep track of your income and budget.

Historical cost report:

Another great feature for tax season or your

Diversity report: Allocation

Use the dropdown menu to sort by sector, industry, portfolio, region and more. I utilize this tool once a year to rebalance should I be over/under weight in a certain sector.

Finally, tax time:

A great tool come tax time is your tax report – I know exactly how much I earned in dividend income this year. My TFSA and RRSP portfolios don’t require tax reports, and the software keeps them separate under their individual portfolios.

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